This is an ongoing section curated by us in the light of the pandemic, with a motive to improve our ethical responsibility towards many issues we feel should get all the support there is.

As for now we are not directly associated with any of the organizations, but through the platform we have it is our duty to amplify initiatives which are saving lives in these uncertain times.

However, we do really appreciate all of their efforts and want to push them forward.In case you’re a customer reading this and have reached on this page We recommend you read and contribute at your capacity to these causes.

Volunteers from Hemkunt Foundation are giving out Oxygen Cylinders via Drive Thru in Delhi and Mumbai.

#O2FORYOU is an initiative to distribute free unlimited oxygen to Covid patients while being in their cars itself! Please note that we have tents available for critical patients.

Hemkunt Foundation’s Oxygen Centre is NOW OPEN! They’ve worked extremely hard to try and make sure they can help as many people as possible.

Our support is making this possible.

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Khalsa Aid India volunteers have been tirelessly working in these unprecedented times. They are distributing Oxygen Concentrators in Delhi to patients at their doorstep.

Khalsa Aid is supporting the Covid Care Centers in the national capital with emergency supply of Oxygen concentrators for needy patients.

The goal is to procure 5000 concentrators so that needy patients can be assisted. We are advancing towards our goal and our support will expedite this process.

Donate now to make this initiative more accessible to the people in need.

Feeding India, a non-profit by Zomato working to solve hunger in India initiated a fund raiser with a target of ₹50Cr to procure oxygen concentrators.

So far they’ve raised ₹45.86Cr and have successfully placed orders for 7,500 Oxygen Concentrators for distributions among hospitals and support patients in need of dire oxygen.

Help them to help those in need, contribute at your capacity.

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Mission Oxygen India in collaboration with Ketto India have been raising funds round the clock and importing oxygen concentrators for people in need.

Coronavirus has been ravaging our country. To fight this Mission Oxygen, through this initiative, is planning to raise funds for 6000 concentrators for distribution among hospitals.

Do your bit to support the cause and donate.

ISKCON Delhi has served more than 2.5 Crore Meals during the nationwide lockdown to the people in need.

This distribution can be further endured if and only we show our support. 

ISKCON is also providing Beds and Oxygen at their covid care centre in Dwarka.

They are providing specialized doctors, medicines, tests and meals to the patients. 

Counselling services are also available.


You can also donate here at checkout when you shop with us at

Please Note: This is a permanent section and we will monitoring and updating, as we gain more & more knowledge about such initiatives.