Genisis: How this collaboration came about.

An amalgamation of the progressive philosophical identities of both Delhiwear and realme, each existing in a distinct space, with the right amount of experimentation, is what gave direction to this collaboration at its core.

For Delhiwear to realize these notions we’ve collaborated with realme for two ready-to-use garments. These include a T-shirt and Tote Bag, both of which are centred around the launch of the much awaited realme X7 Max 5G smartphone.

The device boasts a number of flagship features coupled with a mesmerizing Milky Way colorway that propels this collaboration into space and initiates a dialogue between trendsetting technology and sophisticated streetwear silhouettes. 

The synthesis of the individual ideologies, “Dare To Leap” with “More Maya More Problems” puts forward a notion that in order to realize one’s vision of anything and everything, no matter the number of dilemmas, all you need is the nerve to take that leap, a leap which frees you of your limits. 

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